Sunday, June 22, 2008


sumwan dedicated dis song fer me :))
ngee.dgr cam biasee jer.tapii..lirik die best :)
meh2 tgk=

Stay.wma - Estrella

Sounds straight from the twilight
Has me up all night I can’t
Fall asleep coz I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow, outside my window
And it’s you!

All my sorrows flew away,
Hush keep quiet hear me say
I don’t ever want you to go
Please stay

With the moonlight dancing free
And there’s no one but you and me
There’s no reason to go away
Please stay

Making up a story
It’s the way you’re looking at me
If you think that this is funny
It’s just you

Try and think about it
If your heart is closed don’t lock it
Put your keys back in your pocket, think this through

Repeat c/o (-.0)

sweet aaa :)
nahh,dis is for u pulak

p/s:sorii aa,x reti nak taruk lagu tu kt blog.huhu~sumwan plis HELP!


AIN neollene said...

kak d guna imeem sng jgk k d..dah siap ada player dia skali. esnips pun leh..

copy paste embedded code dia tau:

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