Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the frozen bird

salam. hi there..so far kerja kita okay.tapi banyak betul aktiviti setiap hari..especially weekends! and for now, my March weekends are full with appointments with friends, family and business partner.wuh.. -__-

i have loadddss to write.tapi takde masa..selalu out of word nak buat ayat-ayat karangan..last-last tutup je blogger.com and biarkan post sekerat-sekerat tu dalam draft T_T

anywayyy, to keep this blog updated..marilah kite share something from yang bermakna ye..surprisingly, i found this link from 9gag kot.haha..tak sangka 9gag ada jugak input berguna kadang-kadang ^_^"

haha true right? till then, take care everyone and good luck in whatever you are doing! ^_^

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