Sunday, October 23, 2011

i miss architecture

its been 8 week i'm in the new department. urban and regional far everything went well..except a few minor things *the foreigner of course* :P

eventho urp x guna sangat software like sketchup/autocad/3dmax BUT we have STELLA!( A modelling environment for simulation) and GIS!(geographical information system) wahaha..tu jela stakat yang saya baru explore ni kan.hehehe..anywayy,those yang nak sambung master in URP, i would reccomend u to sebab its like architecture jugakk..cuma dia in a bigger scope.kalau dulu kat architecture kite buat micro planning (planning the space INSIDE the buiding) but in URP, we do macro planning.we plan for the whole area (state,region, etc..)

but, whatever it is...

i seriously miss learning architecture ='(

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